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Nutrition is the cornerstone to many health and fitness endeavors. Whether you want to drop some weight, improve your physical performance or generally feel better day-to-day, nutrition has a profound effect. Here at Thrive Personal Training, we deliver exceptional guidance on what and how to eat, to support all of your goals.

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How We Can Help

Nutrition You Will Love


Bespoke Approach

As part of your personal training package, our trainers delve into your nutritional habits and refine how you eat, what you eat, and also any thing they recommend you should be doing differently to support your goals. The many different approaches to nutritional practice that our trainers use, means finding the one that works for you just requires a little conversation to understand a little more.


Continual Support

Following our advice, many happy clients have walked away losing 10kg or more, removing digestive stress and bloating, feeling more energised or even running their half marathon personal bests. We understand how, and what you eat is so important, if you think lack of understanding around nutrition is holding you back, don't hesitate to drop as a message

How to Get in Touch

Drop us a message using our contact form and we can arrange a free consultation for you come visit the Tunbridge Wells studio gym, have a chat with one of our professionals and get the ball rolling.

Thanks, we'll be in touch!


Fancy a Freebie?

Over 50 High Protein Recipes

If you struggle to know how to hit your protein, want more diverse protein sources and are getting bored of the same old protein foods, give one of our many protein recipes a go.

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