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Personal Training at THRIVE

Updated: Mar 10

female training at thrive personal training in tunbridge wells

Personal Training at Thrive is what you have been looking for. So if you have been thinking about working with a Personal Trainer, but you are a little apprehensive, you're not sure how to go about it, or you simply do not know if its right for you, read on, and you'll find the answer.

What happens?

After you enquire, you will be invited to the spacious, quiet and central studio in Tunbridge Wells. Luckily we have free, onsite parking which means no struggling to park. The studio boasts a sunlit, bright and luxurious feel as we welcome you with a smile and coffee (if you like it).

Here you will sit down and discuss your needs for hiring a Personal Trainer. Your trainer will make sure they get what they need from you, in order to be able to create the perfect package for your requirements. If needed, we can dive into all aspects of your lifestyle that we know first-hand have a profound influence on your goals. You may even pick up some free knowledge bombs from you trainer that you can implement straight away. It's in this consultation that you discover the true benefits to be had when asking a Personal Trainer for help.

Next you will be shown the gym floor, and maybe the treatment rooms incase you ever require a session with our in-house osteopath, which is ideal alongside working with a PT not only to help you achieve your goals, but keep the body totally in check, pain free and in optimal working order.

The first personal training session will include your full body assessment, ensuring your trainer knows exactly what to do, and what not to do for you in the gym. The specific programme then designed will be perfect for you, promoting enjoyable, specific and results-centric training. We pride ourselves with the ability to be able to take people from start to finish not only achieving more than our clients hoped, but also showing just how fun and enjoyable exercising can be.

What else is offered as part of the service?

With every package we offer, our personal trainer's include full support with your health and well-being outside of the gym. Always on hand for advice, support, and guidance wherever you may need it.

This includes the influence of our professionals on your sleep, stress, habits, routines, nutrition and general structure in day-to-day life. Its with this ongoing support that truly unlocks the potential you have, and until this point, have been able to access.

What next?

So if you wish to join the community at the stunning studio, start to unlock your potential and have one of our experienced professionals ensuring you do it properly, effectively and specifically catered for you, all you need to do in get in touch now.

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