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The Health Hub in Tunbridge Wells

Updated: Apr 1

What we do?

We offer exclusive, luxury personal training in the centre of Tunbridge Wells. Our professional personal trainers all work from THRIVE, a facility that boasts a sunlit, bright and open space, quiet enough to enjoy a personal session, but also holds a sense of community that everyone gets involved in.

We have a few treatment rooms on-site, that enables us to work closely with an osteopath, sports masseuse, or physiotherapist meaning we can provide a well-rounded - health, fitness, strength, conditioning & and rehabilitation package - all under one roof. This provides security and safety that you will be in professional hands, whether you need treatment or training, helping you move towards your goal in a safe, pain-free, and in appropriate style.

How we do it?

As professionals, we have all be working in the industry collectively over 50+ years. This wealth of experience means we know exactly how to navigate your personal journey, as we have most likely done it before and had great success in doing so.

Through listening, careful planning, specific assessments and programming, your whole life will be subtly adjusted to seeing the results you want. We like to make as few changes as possible to your current lifestyle, to obtain the most results we can. This way your life doesn't change too much, and it creates adherence and sustainability.

With specific programming for your sessions within our Tunbridge Wells personal training studio, along with precise planning for your home and work life, our professionals will be able to help you every step of the way.

How can investing in a Personal Trainer help you?

When we say investment, we mean it. Typical investments bring back more return than you invest, and thats exactly what we do. Whether that be more time, more strength, more health and fitness, and sometimes genuinely a longer life. It means more time spent feeling young, feeling capable and feeling pain free. It will mean more quality time spent with your children or grandchildren. These are the things money cant buy, they're priceless.

Improving your well-being is integral to your quality of life. We help people who have struggled with their own journeys. These journeys include simply being able to drop some pounds, removing aches and pains, overcoming injury, improving health and cardiovascular function, or simply being able to carry out exercise while having fun. Because let's be honest, if this is going to be something you want to do for a long time, it needs to be enjoyable. At Thrive, we pride ourselves on the buzzing community that has been created, between everyone that walks through the doors.

Studio challenges, fresh coffee, some well earned homemade cake available on the side... this is more than just a gym. Its our thriving community, and we cannot wait to welcome you in.

So what are you waiting for?

How to get started?

All you need to do is get in contact with us today (what about now?)

Heres how you can do it:

Fill in our contact from and if you have had a look through our personal trainers, why not let us know who you would like to work with?

Luke French | Founder of THRIVE


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